Thursday, July 7, 2011

But, It Made Her Happy

     Daddy & I went on a much needed date last night, with the older watching the younger children.  We got home after everyone was in bed, so this morning, I asked Lukasz how the evening went.  He said it was good and then went on to explain how he had given Izabella a bottle of hot sauce.  Startled, I looked at him.    
 "You did WHAT???"  

 "She wanted the bottle of hot sauce so I gave it to her.  It made her happy.

      But not for long.  She put it in her mouth, top off, of course. 
And her mouth was on fire.  (Daddy is a connoisseur of fine hot sauces, you see)  
      As I explained to Lukasz that we must look out for one another, that he must look out for Izabella & keep her safe & tell her "no" if she wants something that would hurt her, I thought what a perfect example of our Loving Father in heaven.  We see something we want.  We want rescued from a situation right away.  We pray, knowing that God gives his children everything there hearts desire.  (sorry, that's the American church translation)   He says, "NO", because He loves us.  He knows something about the situation that we do not.  He has an eternal perspective, a bird's eye view.  
       Do I whine & pout when I don't get what I want?  Do I doubt His love for me?  Do I turn my back on Him or figure out a way to get the coveted item on my own?
     Or do I trust my Father, that He is good & He wants what is best for me?  Do I seek His face & draw near to Him?  Do I praise Him?
      In America, we have been brainwashed to believe that life is about making sure I'm happy & secure.  It's a hedonistic (new favorite word) mentality & far from the Bible's call to "pick up your cross & follow me daily" mentality.
      Our response to "no" or "not right now" will show the quality of our relationship with our Lord & Saviour.
      Is He your Lord or your Divine Butler, as Ray Comfort puts it?

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