Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lessons In Our Home

Our older girls, Kathryn & Rosalie, learned something today. I pray that God will forever etch this into their memories as they interact throughout their lives. I have been trying to explain this to them for mmmmm..... ever...
Just this morning, in fact, Lukasz was cryeaming (crying & screaming all at once). I walked out of the bathroom & Kathryn had him on her lap trying to console him. As the story unfolded, Gabe & Luke were fighting. Lukasz got punched (thanks to The New Karate Kid). But in Lukasz's own words, "Gabriel didn't punch me that hard, Mama." The lesson there is, Gabriel: Don't hit unless you are defending your life. Lukasz: Don't throw a fit to try to get your brother in trouble. Kathryn: Do NOT coddle him.

Later this afternoon, I laid Izabella down for a nap. She goes to sleep on her own, sometimes crying for about 5 minutes. After 15 minutes, I got up to see what the problem was to find little Bella with a bubble coming out of her nose. I picked her up to wipe her face. As I walked out of the room, her older sisters were right there. They exclaimed, "Oh, Bella, what's wrong?", in their most dramatic, caring, pitiful tone possible. Bella's lip started to quiver, then she started to wail. "What's wrong with her, Mama?" "Change your face. I'll bet she stops." They smiled at her & talked cheerfully to her & her countenance changed immediately to happy & excited. Like the flip of a switch. Instant change.
It is so important that we not have pity for our little ones, even when they truly
are hurt.
Compassion, yes. Pity, no.
Do we want our children to grow up to be vicims or victors? Encouragers or the one who always needs encouragement? Do we want them to always be sick because that's how they've always gotten attention.
We have saying in our house.
"We do not have any poor babies!!!"
They are warriors & princesses!
Mighty & noble men & women of God!

I was laughing as I took this picture... Gabe fell into the pond! :)

Another lesson we've been learning... Beware of feelings. What I mean is, just because we feel this way, doesn't mean we can act a certain way or treat others poorly because "we feel like it." Kathryn is 14. Enough said. She's emotional & dramatic. She always has been. Now, it's in hyperdrive. So, we sat down and talked about it. I know those feelings. But just because I am "pregnant, nursing, have PMS, the house is dirty, I'm worried about money, somebody hurt my "stinking feelings", "... and on and on the excuses go for why I am angry, anxious, depressed... Just because... I don't have the right to trample all over my family because of how I feel.

Be joyful... Be thankful... Be submissive... Be gentle...
Be meek... Be fruitful... Be patient... Be kind... Be bold...
Do everything without complaining or arguing...
So, Kathryn and I sat down and talked about it and we agreed to submit our feelings to the Lord together and pray for strength to act "right" even when we don't feel "right".

I am also learning to really utilize this time with Izabella to train her with good habits. I spend so much time with her right now, feeding her, diapering her, rocking her... What a perfect opportunity to train!

The best training occurs before your child turns 1 year old. Michael Pearl

Some habits we are training her in right now...
  1. Do not touch your bowl. I place her bowl right in front of her on the tray & she rarely touches it.
  2. Do not grab my glasses.
  3. Do not bite. (Essential for nursing mamas!)
  4. You may play only on the rug. We do not want her wandering over to the wood stove & getting hurt.
  5. Going to sleep on her own.
  6. Going potty on the potty.
Now, I know this one seems rather odd, but I am going to explain... I have read about infants being potty trained. I thought it to be weird, stupid even. I had NO desire to even attempt this, at all, with any of our children. Well, when Izabella started eating solid foods, she became painfully constipated. One morning, as she was screaming, I put her on the potty, just to see if that position would help her to go. It worked well! I put her on after lunch & dinner, just so that she would continue to go well, while the carrots got out of her system. The next day, I decided to put her on after breakfast, lunch & dinner. What the heck... I change her diaper then anyways. And we've been going ever since. It literally took no more than 2 days to get her used to going on the potty. Now, she is much more comfortable to go on the potty than in her diaper. Once we have some cloth diapers, I will try to "pee pee" train her, as well. This is not something that I stressed out about or get frustrated with if we are out & about & she goes in her diaper. It's just a lot easier for her & I this way. Daddy is very proud!
Anya is finally potty trained, after 6 months of sporadic effort on her & my part. Anya was just trained to go in her diaper. She was more comfortable going & hiding in her room than in the bathroom.
2 days versus 6 months... hmmm....

I am amazed at how much we learn around our house from the kids. Maybe the greatest blessing of being a homeschool family is all that Mama & Daddy learn from the children. :)

In His Grip,