Favorite Sites

For me, this ministry has totally changed the way I look at life & modern Christianity.  Evangelism is not a "gift" that some people have.  It is a command given to us by our Savior.  I pray you will search this out for yourself & seek God's will.
The Way of the Master

The absolute best site I've found for information on herbs, ordering herbs & teas, adding books to my library!

Favorite, favorite, favorite blog for encouragement on being a stay at home homeschool mom of many.  God has used this woman and her writings over and over again to calm my weary soul, to encourage me to rethink my goals, to simplify and to keep the main thing, the main thing, which is Jesus!

Large Family Mothering

Have you ever been cleaning your kitchen, take the old dishcloth to the laundry room, notice there is 12 loads waiting to be done, put in a new load, notice the washer lid needs cleaned so you pull out the Windex to clean it, then decide that while you have the Windex out you might as well clean all the windows in the house?  If so, then Flylady will save your life & your husband will be eternally grateful!  ;)

No Greater Joy ministries has been instrumental in our home life.  Although we are a work in progress, for sure, God has worked through Mike & Debi Pearl to bring about significant changes in my heart towards my husband & children.  My favorite books are the No Greater Joy series, To Train Up a Child & Created To Be His Help Meet.  WARNING:  To Train Up & Created are not fun books to read, but they are centered on God's Word & very convicting.  Their child training videos have been very helpful to me, as well.
No Greater Joy

Raising Godly Tomatoes is another really good book on child training.  Her approach of keeping your children near by so that you can correct any problems immediately has been wonderful.  (when I remember) :) 
Raising Godly Tomatoes

Above Rubies is a ministry that focuses on the blessings of children & really uplifts me in my role as a mother!
Above Rubies 

Voddie is an awesome speaker & author.  His book, Family Driven Faith, focuses on the role of the family in discipling our children & how having children & discipling them so they continue in their faith so that they will train their children is fundamental to evangelizing this nation.  75 - 80 % of "Christian" kids from Christian homes leave the faith by their sophmore year in college.  My view point is that if we spent the majority of our time in church separated as a family, baby here, teen there, Mom & Dad running here & there, our time together will be "nickel & dimed" away.  This book is AWESOME!  
Voddie Baucham Ministries

Set Apart Girl is an awesome site for women & young ladies who desire to be "set apart" for His service.  This site focuses on purity in action, thought & heart.  Leslie Ludy is an amazing author.  She is real & honest about her struggles as a teen to "fit in".  HIGHLY recommend for anyone with daughters!