Monday, June 6, 2011

Blessed Be Your Name

Hello!!!  It's been awhile!
We have had a beautiful, crazy, amazing spring.  God has been working in our hearts overtime, it seems.  I wonder, "Will I be able to catch my breath?"  It's that way, though.  Our lives, hidden in Christ.  We're face to face with Him.  Wrestling, not giving in, not giving up.  It is such a beautiful thing.  It is such a thrilling thing.  And wondrous.  And unexpected.  
We had a tough winter.  We do live in Upper Michigan.  We've been feeling the effects of this economic shift.  We were just starting to see the sun peaking through the clouds.  What a glorious sight!  Phone calls for work were coming in.  It's going to be okay!  
We're expecting our 8th baby!  Oh, God is good.  New life.  
We didn't just bounce back like we thought, but God was watching over us.  Miracles do still happen.  Jesus Christ does still heal & deliver, like He did over 2,000 years ago.  He is alive & well!
We had our first doctor's appointment for our new baby.  Mama already had his name picked out.  What?  No heart beat.  Okay.  We'll try again next week.  But that next week did not come.  One day, we're praying for our little one, that God would again perform in miraculous ways.  The next day, we're praying for mama, that God would protect my life.  God did not miraculously save our baby, but He did miraculously save me.  
Not only did He save me, but He strengthened me.  Oh, I have no energy.  But I am strengthened.  I am singing louder than before.  I am going to praise Him.  I am going to tell people of His goodness, even in the midst of this pain.  Do you know My Jesus? Blessed Be Your Name  
The lessons we've learned...  
1. I Need Thee Every Hour, Oh Gracious Lord    
2.  We will continue to praise Jesus, who is the author & finisher of our faith.  3.  Earth is not our home.  We're strangers here.  
4.  Life is so fragile.  Take every moment as a gift.  
5.  We have an enemy.  The devil is like a lion, looking for someone to devour!  And he's mad.  He's scared.  And his schemes are not going to work.
6.  Jesus is alive & well!  He is still in the miracle business!  
7.  We need our Christian brothers & sisters!  They have been such a blessing to us!  
8.  Prayer...  Prayer... Prayer...

In His Grip,
Daniel & Laura