Thursday, February 14, 2013

God Is A Healer!

The following blog post is shared with permission of our daughter. 

We feel that what we have learned is worth sharing because it may help just one other person.  It's worth going through the pain, just to gain the experience and knowledge and wisdom.

Kathryn has had very painful "periods" for about a year.  It progressed to the point that she just laid on the bathroom floor for the first day, could barely walk because of the pain, vomiting, etc.  You get the picture.  I knew that traditional doctors would put her on the pill, which is NOT an option.  The health risks are too great. 

We started praying for healing.

We started doing research on what might be causing the problem, dangers, etc.  I did not know of any family history, but soon discovered that my mother suffered from the same problem until she had children. 

I talked to a couple friends, who led me to Be Your Own Doctor by Rachel Weaver.  This book is AWESOME!!!  Her approach is very balanced, helping to discern WHEN a problem is emergent and when a parent can help to solve the problem at home, NOT just take care of the symptoms. 

Kathryn started drinking red raspberry tea, but was not being faithful at all.  I was frustrated.  I was afraid of her having fertility problems later in life.  We talked a lot about the importance of taking care of our bodies BEFORE we have children so that our children are healthy and strong.  We talked about the importance of having children and passing our faith and legacy on to another generation.  We talked about the importance of not viewing this time of month as the "curse".  We are not cursed, ladies.  We are blessed and offering our bodies as a living sacrifice unto the Lord!   Romans 12:1

She started drinking red raspberry tea, but added some spices to make it taste like chai tea, a little more palatable to her taste buds.  Her next monthly cycle started with the normal back pain and nausea.  By leading of the Holy Spirit, Kathryn immediately applied Digestive Support essential oils from Heritage Essential Oils and our homemade red raspberry infused oil on her abdomen, back and legs.  Her pain IMMEDIATELY left and stayed away.  It was the first time in months that she didn't spend the first day on the bathroom floor.  This has been an answer to prayer!

As we talked this morning, I asked how she had been doing.  Her progress report:  She has not been drinking as much red raspberry tea, which she noticed effected her last month.  It was delayed and more intense, but she applied the red raspberry oil three times a day for the first few days and was able to function normally, including going playing tag and having a snow ball fight. 

We consider this an absolute answer to our prayers for healing for our daughter!  God is still a healing God!  He is mighty and powerful!  Jesus healed a woman without His permession when she touched the corner of His coat.  He healed a man from blindness by spitting in dirt and putting the mud on His eyes.  He healed a man when the man's friends lowered him through the roof to where Jesus was teaching.  It is not up to me to decide HOW Jesus will heal, just trust that He does!
Do you know Him?

Red Raspberry Infused Oil
1 quart jar
Fill jar 2/3 full with red raspberry leaves
Fill rest of way with dried lavender flowers
Cover herbs with olive oil (we used high quality oil that we bought at Walmart)
Cover jar with coffee filter and fasten with rubber band.
Let sit on sunny window sill for 6 weeks.
Stir once or twice a week.
Strain herbs and put in jar.
Store in dark closet.

 The Lord promised us life and life abundantly!  May we strive together to live for Him in all we do, from how we wake up in the morning to how we respond when we're sick to how we teach our children! 

Be blessed on this day of love,
Daniel and Laura