Thursday, April 26, 2012

Basking In The Son

Oh my, yesterday was a beautiful day!  The sun was shining.  The wind had died down (at least at our house).  It was the perfect day to be outside, playing, working in our garden.  We even had a picnic.  It was just that wonderful!  About mid afternoon, however, the clouds started to roll in.  Just slight cloud cover in the beginning.  Sun.  Coat off.  Clouds.  Coat on.  Coat off.  Coat on.  Then the clouds stayed for good and my coat stayed on.  My mud boots went on.  It was down right cold.  (For me anyways)  Anya was still running around in a dress and shorts.

My relationship with Jesus is like that sometimes.  I just LOVE feeling His presence and seeing Him work in our lives.  I love it when He just blesses my heart with a word of encouragement or a kiss from my dear husband or one of my babies.  I feel His light and love surrounding me, just like the sun surrounded us yesterday.

And then sometimes, I allow sin to fester. I know that my attitude is wrong, that my words were harsh, that I'm working in my own strength, not His.  And I can feel the clouds.  It might be only slightly uncomfortable at first.  I'll just do something nice to make up for it.  I'll just eat that piece of chocolate to make myself feel better.  Maybe I'll take a long nap.  And pretty soon, the clouds are thick.

And I MISS THE SON!  Oh, how I wish I could feel the warmth on my back, in my spirit.  I wish I could hear His voice and see His hand print in my moments.  He is so faithful and full of grace.  He just wants me to fix my gaze upon Him.  Praise Him.  Love Him.  And He will break up the clouds.  The warmth of His love will shine down on me again.

Just like yesterday, the sun never went away.  The clouds just covered it.

My prayer is that I will apologize quickly when I have sinned against my family.  That I will have a spirit of humility and grace and mercy and meekness.

Lord, I need you every hour.

Looking forward to another beautifully sunny day tomorrow.
I will make it a point to look up and enjoy the radiance of God's glory.

In Love With Jesus, the Author & Finisher of my faith,

This is a new favorite song of ours.  Be blessed, my friend!
I Give Myself Away by William McDowell