Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why Am I A Health Nut?

There was a time...
When Kraft Mac & Cheese & hot dogs was my favorite dinner...
When Lucky Charms & Honey Nut Cheerios graced my cupboard...
When I could be caught eating a whole row of Oreos (man, were they good!)

Then, one day, a seed was planted by a Dr that I worked with. He was a health nut! He saw me eating those fabulous oreos and commented on how gross they were. I looked at him in horror! "Gross! These things are AWESOME!!!" Then he informed me that they were loaded with Trans Fats. Deer in head lights look... What are trans fats? These nasty man made things that your body can't get rid of. Huh! I had NO clue! And I continued to eat my oreos...

That seed that Dr P planted started to grow. I became a little more interested in eating better. A little less likely to feed my kids white bread with Jif peanut butter...

Then Lukasz was born. When he was 18 months old, we figured out that his nightly screaming sessions and "loose" stools were because he was lactose intolerant, not something he would grow out of. So, we switched his milk. Then he got eczema. We love our pediatrician, but his solution was put this steriod cream on him a couple times a day, bathe him less, etc... But, WHY does he have eczema?

Our journey continued from there, researching common causes of eczema... wheat sensitivities... eliminate wheat... Okay, "everything" that we ate had wheat in it... no cereal & no bread... We slowly eliminated those things. Lukasz's eczema disappeared!

Then, Daniel was allergy tested. There goes the soy. Soy byproducts are in many processed foods... tuna, bread, crackers... More label checking... bye, bye soy...

During my research, I came across many articles warning against corn syrup. I approached Daniel about eliminating corn syrup as well. After a while, he agreed to throw out the corn syrup. Corn syrup is in EVERYTHING!!! Unless you do not eat processed foods.

A few months ago, No Greater Joy ran an article about GM foods. It opened my eyes to even more truth concerning the food we eat. I ordered the book, Seeds of Deception, and was absolutely floored by the deceit and corruption of the FDA.
Now, we are working diligently to eat all organic and grow our own food from heirloom seeds. I'll post some pictures of our garden soon.

We are seeing a little more of the picture every day. Again, the question is, why am I a health nut? Soy is a GM food. Most corn products are GM foods. In a recent study, one group of hamsters were given GM soy, the other non- GM soy. In the 3rd generation, the hamster family that was fed GM soy was completely infertile! Why does this matter?

My daily prayer, my purpose in life is to train my children to be warriors for Christ, to be God's army, so that they can train their children to be warriors for Christ, so that they can train their chil..................
Oh wait... there may not be a 3rd generation in the Zarzycki family army if we don't make changes and teach our children why these changes are NECESSARY for the cause of Christ.

I'm not a health nut. I'm a warrior for Christ who does not want ANYTHING to stop her family from giving God all the glory and honor that is due HIM!

Now, I'll go back to the beginning. We're a real family. We have ice cream every once in awhile. We were at a birthday party today. We had cake & ice cream. But, as a rule, we do not eat processed food & avoid those things we know are harmful to us and our family.

We have made these changes in our eating lifestyle over the course of 9 years. In the last 3 years, we have made a more diligent, consistent effort to change.

In His Grip,

I HIGHLY recommend www.mercola.com for information on a healthy lifestyle.
The book Nourishing Traditions has been a huge help to me in determining what is healthy and what isn't to eat. It is more like an encyclopedia than a cook book!

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