Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why "Uncommon"?

"Our Uncommon Life", this concept was birthed from the song "Uncommon" by Greg Long. Daniel & I were sitting at the park for "Praise On The Bay", enjoying the sun and our family. We'd just found out we were expecting our 7th blessing and we were a little overwhelmed, to say the least. This young, country style college band got up to play. And they played this song. The goose bumps and tears came simultaneously. See, I've never really wanted to be different. I was the wall flower who just wanted to fit in. It didn't work. Fast forward to today. I'm older, but I still struggle with being accepted. Daniel doesn't care, which makes it worse for me... But, God is faithful and He is working on my heart and helping me to stand tall and be bold and honest.
We have 7 children, can't hide that & wouldn't want to. But, it is "uncommon" and the questions & comments are often, like every time we go out in public. "Wow, you've really got your hands full!" or "Don't you know how that happens?" are common statements FROM TOTAL STRANGERS. I'm not complaining! It helps me to have an answer for my faith, to be bold & honest about what a blessing these little ones are. But at the same time, I have to be very careful that I don't answer with an arrogant, pious tone because let's be honest. Our oldest, Ryan, Kathryn & Rosalie are from my first marriage. Gabriel was who brought us together, Lukasz & Anya made our heads spin. It wasn't until we heard a sermon by Voddie Baucham "Family Driven Faith" about the absolute blessing of children, that we repented of our attitude about children and received our blessing, Izabella, 11 months later.
So, when I say "Our Uncommon Life", I don't mean better, just different. That song reflects my heart... I'm ready to be different, wanting to stand out for HIS glory, not my own. Lord knows that we can do NOTHING without HIM!!! If there was any doubt of that, all I have to do is think about who we were before Jesus came and rescued us!
This is only the beginning...

In His Grip,


  1. Hi, Laura! Izabella is so cute, but you might want to resize that picture! Look forward to another way of keeping in touch with you. I have a homeschool blog for K & 1st if you're interested -

  2. I am trying to resize this photo with very little luck right now... :)